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It goes without saying that you “deck the halls with boughs of holly” at Christmas time. It just wouldn’t be the festive season without glittering lights, tinsel on the tree and paper-chains slung between the ceiling tiles at the office party.

And of course, you can’t have a birthday without balloons. A certain number of candles protruding optimistically from a heavily iced cake is pretty much obligatory to mark the passing of the years. If you’re having a party, ideally there’ll be a great big colourful banner too.

And can you imagine Valentines Day without pink and red envelopes and vast drifts of cut-out hearts and question marks?

Decorations make an event what it is. And Halloween is just the same. The 31st October is no longer a date you can afford to downplay. Time was when you could pull the curtains tightly closed, turn the TV up to 10 and hope to get away with a badly carved pumpkin sulking in the rain on your front doorstep. These days people expect a few more bells and whistles from your All Hallows efforts.

Never fear! Help is at hand. We’re all busy and none of us has a huge budget to blow on decorations, but the ideas below are just some of a number of ways that you can up the ante in a really manageable way, adding cheap and easy spooky sparkle to whatever you’re planning this Halloween.

All you need is an internet connection, a printer and perhaps a few basic crafty items like scissors and tape. With half an hour’s prep you’ll be converted from a ghoulish spoil-sport to a wizardly triumph, whether you’re planning a full-blown house party for your friends and family or just a bowl of (slightly disappointing) tangerines for the Trick or Treaters who bravely navigate their way up your garden path in their over-sized ghostly costumes.

For this last group you really do have to make an effort. It may look like those little ghosts are after quick wins, snipping eye-holes in an old sheet and throwing it over their head but don’t underestimate the powers of persuasion involved in getting permission from Mum and Dad.

Kids look forward to this ancient ritual for weeks and weeks, so thanks to for designing such a wonderful range of freely-designed and printable Candy Wrappers that will bring young Halloween dreams (not nightmares) to reality. All you do is print them off, cut them out and envelop the sweets of your choice. Here’s the link. If you’re feeling festively mean-spirited you could throw in a few curve-balls: why not wrap up some of those baggy tangerine segments and throw them into the mix. Be warned though: we can’t be held responsible for any retaliation! Who knows what rotten eggs you may end up finding dribbling through your letterbox.

If you’re planning for people to actually cross your threshold this year, you’ve got a bit more work to do but there are plenty of simple tricks and treats available online.

Invitations are the first thing and Hello Lucky have produced a free template that any invited guests will find very difficult to turn down.

Once inside, to get the party going with a real swing, no doubt a spread of hideous banqueting awaits: the cold dark night merits a feast of bubbling cauldrons, Pumpkin Pie and Actual Death by Chocolate. Boulder Locavore have come to the rescue with a witty and attractive range of Tombstone Cupcake Toppers that you can print off and cut out. Whether your cupcakes are gluten-free or not, one can only assume that they’re baked with eye of newt and toe of frog so it seems only reasonable to label them.

With all the costumes and the food to enjoy, the rest is detail. A black and white owl print-out is a very classy and subtle little number for the more refined gathering. It fits inside the back of an occasional lampshade and only appears when the light itself is on.

There’s no end of genius decorating ideas online that’ll win you the amazement of your friends and foes this Halloween. And if you do really want to keep the army of witches, monsters and pesky intruders at bay beyond your garden gate, perhaps you could do so with a little seasonal style: a string of seasonal sidewalk skulls, as produced by Hello Lucky may take a little bit more work with the additional lick of glow-in-the-dark paint but they will light up the whole street with the smiles they’ll bring to the faces of all those Mums and Dads lurking in the shadows.

This Halloween guide was brought to you by Print Express. If you love paper just as much as we do head over to our website to see how we can bring your designs to life.

Neeru Pallen

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