Offices of the World

Listen up offices of the world; if you want to create a better work culture you need to do more than install a ping-pong table.

From free and subsidised canteens and regular team meetings, to approachable CEOs and avoiding corporate techno-babble, there are many ways you can change and challenge the culture of your organisation.

When a company gets it right, it can transform they working lives of every single employee. It makes an office a more collaborative, creative and rewarding place to spend eight hours a day. But it’s not just about the good vibes. It’s a fact that when people are happy at work they’re more productive. They’re prepared to work that little bit harder and commit to a company in a much more heartfelt way.

That’s why, from now on, we’re dedicating a section of our blog to this very topic. And we’ve asked writers from lots of different organisations to tell us all about their office dynamic.

What makes it different? What makes it work? What’s the one thing they wish they could change?

And what tips and techniques would they recommend to someone who wants to change their office culture for the better?