Back To School Tips For Teachers Who Print

Getting ready to head back to school can be a challenge for anyone, but it’s especially hard on teachers, right? From planning the curriculum to decorating the classroom, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that no one else thinks about.

As teachers, you stretch your creativity to inspire a love of learning in your pupils, but that also can mean stretching your budgets. So we thought of a few ways teachers can use bulk printing and display printing to get ready for the new term, without breaking the bank.

Bulk print the everyday papers

Let’s face it: you go through a lot of ink and paper each year. You have to run off handouts, notes, worksheets, fun activities and passages from books that are too expensive to buy for each child. Most of these things can be handled with a standard printer or scanner, but that can take a lot of time. And the costs can add up if you are using your own personal printer. It may end up being cheaper to go to a professional printer and have them run the copies for you – especially if you have more than 30 students. Google the cost per page of your make and model of printer, then compare that to the professional price. Then go with what works best for you.


Jazz up class time with some bespoke materials

Did you know you can design and print loads of materials that will keep kids engaged and informed, all from a professional printer? You can create your own classroom handbook that outlines the syllabus or lesson plan, codes of behaviour and anything else your students need to know. You can create leaflets that make lessons more exciting than simple sheets of paper. You can help your kids stay organised with custom folders that include extra facts and trivia to keep your students excited. You could even include a list of when assignments are due, so they have a place to look before asking you – again.


Get the posters of your dreams

One of the best things about custom professional printing is that they can print anything you want to the absolute highest quality. So if you’ve been dreaming of a poster but can’t find one that’s just right, you can always design and print your own, for as little as a fiver. You can even print huge vinyl posters to hang up and decorate specific parts of the room, like the reading nook or the crafts station, without the use of nails or tacks.

Signs and banners to promote recurring school events

This might seem like the most indulgent tip, but if you have regular events at the school, a pre-printed banner might just be the time saver you need. Things like parents’ evenings, proms and dances, musical events and more happen with enough regularity that a custom sign, explaining where or even when the event is taking place, could be worth the investment.

Think of it this way: would you rather set up a reusable sign or try to make something nice with just cardboard and washable paint every time you have an event?

It might seem an unexpected place to find inspiration, but as you can see, professional bulk printers have a lot to offer teachers, whatever their printing needs. So if you’re eager to see what we can do to help you get ready for the new school term, head over to to find out more.

Neeru Pallen

Neeru works as a marketing consultant for Print Express. She enjoys working along side her talented team and keeping up with business trends.

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