PrintWeek impressed by our speedy turnarounds

Let’s face it: when you face constant three-hour turnaround times, it takes a lot to get you charged up. But when PrintWeek got in touch to interview our very own sales director Ridha Jaffar, we were pretty excited.

PrintWeek is the print industry’s leading media brand. Its magazine is delivered to more than 8,000 printing professionals, and its website attracts more than 100,000 readers each month – including many of us. So naturally we jumped at the chance to help inform their readers about the logistics of our incredible turnaround times.

The Rise of Digital CV’s

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned curriculum vitae, right? Surely that trusty two-page resume, with its ruthlessly edited summary of the academic and career highlights of your life so far, is here to stay? Nope, afraid not.

The CV as we, or perhaps our parents knew it, is on its way out. But the good news is, a new way of representing yourself is on the rise – digital CVs. Not only are these better for employers, they also give job hunters a much better chance to shine at their very brightest.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Blog

As a group of people, entrepreneurs must be among the busiest on the planet. How then, can we justifiably recommend that they spend their valuable time blogging instead of, for example, clinching that next sale? One has a clear and measurable return on investment; the other does not.

Here’s the truth: we all have too much to do. For most of us, it’s a rare day indeed when we reach the bottom of our to do list. Being able to prioritise tasks according to the value they create is therefore a very useful skill. We believe that, done well, keeping or contributing to a blog can have consistent and far reaching benefits. Which is why we think blogging should sit right to the top of any entrepreneur’s to do list.

The Growing Trend Of Businesses Supporting One Another

From science to shopping, from coding to conferences, collaboration is something of a 21st Century mega trend. More and more, in a countless myriad of ways, we’re spending more time working together to achieve our goals.

And nowhere is this mega trend more pronounced than in the world of business, where collaboration has become almost synonymous with innovation, efficiency and long term success.

5 reasons why entrepreneurs dominated 2014

There’s a saying that goes ‘there is nothing more powerful than an idea who’s time has come’. For thousands of entrepreneurs – defined as an individual who sets up a business and takes on financial risks in the hope of profit – 2014 was that right time. Let’s look at why.